Cosmico Space Exploration - Venezia

What happens when a group of 50 space explorers land in the Venice lagoon?Honestly, we don't know. But what we do know for sure is how to equip them in style. Take a look at the Exploration Kit we designed for Cosmico's third mission
the Patch, Cioccolato M&M's 19-41 CS, Lunch-Box BLT 20-22 CS, Borsa KTX 19-92 CS, Cartoline VC 20-00 CS, Porta-Cartoline NA 18-23 CS.

The whole project combines the venetian lagoon with the Cosmico spatial imagery.The six sestieri, the historic districts of the city, become the six spatial bases of exploration: each of them with its institutional name and its pictogram. The traditional explorer patch, as well as other elements of the project, depicts the Rialto Bridge, the reference structure of Venice and of this Cosmic Space Exploration.

Fedrigoni Materica Cobalt 360 g/m2,